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LuTab terminal
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Visitor management terminal

The solution is ideal for the following sectors:

  • Medical practice and analysis laboratories
  • Health centre
  • Hospital
  • Other health care facility

And more generally any establishment receiving the public

Whatever your appointment scheduling solution.

Is your secretary absent or overloaded? Don't worry, you'll know instantly which patients have just arrived.

Focus on your core business by regulating the reception of your patients with an all-in-one device.

Presentation of the software in the world of health

How does hospitality management work?

The patient pathway on the reception management terminal

  1. The patient indicates if he has an appointment (if the option is activated).
  2. He chooses the doctor with whom he has an appointment
  3. He/she indicates his/her Surname/First Name so that the doctor can identify him/her.

The doctor concerned is then immediately informed of his presence in the waiting room by an audible and visual notification.

The benefits of autonomous hospitality management 


A simplified doctor interface

  • Discreet audible alert at each arrival.
  • List of incoming patients
  • Time of arrival of patients

Once the patient has been treated, simply close your appointment so that it moves from the "Waiting" list to the history.

You organise your solution, you hear it.

  • Instant addition or removal of doctors in the practice,
  • activation or deactivation of the doctors present,
  • activation or deactivation of the "I have an appointment" choice.


Each doctor has access to the following via the reception management interface

  • The list of patients waiting for care.
  • The possibility to change the status of the patient (waiting -> already taken care of)
  • Discreet audible and visual alerts for each new arrival

3 models of terminals available

  • LuTab 10″ terminal with top panel option
  • OhPad 10″ illuminated terminal
  • BollardX 15″ for large spaces

The terminals are all secure and permanently powered, a simple wall socket nearby is enough.

Why autonomous reception management for establishments open to the public?

Customisation to your health care institution's image

  • Printed PVC bottom panel
  • Optional top panel on LuTab model.


For your reception management, we offer customised visuals that will make your kiosk more attractive and visible from a distance.

In addition, the customisations are interchangeable at will.

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