How to choose a tablet holder :

Secure iPad or Android touchscreen kiosk: 

  • secure keys around the edge of the Android or iPad tablet, 
  • Locking of the tablet holder by key,
  • The entire point of sale network can have the same key model for all iPad or touch tablets,
  • Disabled touch zones on the iPad to restrict access to your app or website, secure browser to turn your iPad into a real interactive terminal,
  • lock on the app or website,
  • automatic return to the home page with a time delay,

 (Tablet display not used for a period :  

  • automatic return to the home page of your application) 
  • white list of searchable websites decided by the outlet,
  • installation of an additional anti-theft device to secure your display

Tablet holder & docking station for iPad, Galaxy Tab, ergonomic

  • Stability of the iPad terminal with touch functions, 
  • vertical or horizontal orientation of the iPad or Android touch tablet,
  • possibility of changing the orientation of the touch pad in a few seconds, provided that the key is available.
  • compatible with the majority of Android 10″ touch tablets and all iPads

 (iPad1, iPad2, iPad New, iPad Retina), 

  • installation of an extension cable inside the iPad POS or Android tablet POS  
  • maintains a continuous power supply to the tablet


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