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Customer satisfaction survey

  • Regardless of the number of satisfaction surveys published, all the statistics provided, with the assistance of integrated artificial intelligence modules, are available in real time.
  • Nearly 10 years of development and constant improvement make it the most efficientsolution on the market
  • Our experts provide strategic advice for the creation of your surveys. Surveys by hostess, sms, mail or on a terminal.


  • Improve your e-reputation
  • Build a new file of prospects
  • To be informed in real time about the flaws of the site where the questionnaire is located
  • Reinforce your image as an innovative company

The functionalities of the customer satisfaction survey

Real time results

In the form of pie charts, curves, statistical data.

Possibility to display several types of ratings

stars, smiley faces, 1-10 rating, yes/no, I have an idea, MCQs, ranking, etc.

Modification of the questionnaire in real time

Add questions with various ratings.

Ability to create an infinite number of questionnaires

Integration of conditional questions

Example: "What did you dislike about it?" when you receive a negative review.

Ability to choose multiple sources of advice

wall of reviews, guestbook and publication on the customer's website

CSV or PDF export

of all surveys, by type of survey, by question, group of questions, etc. to animate your presentation of results

Offline mode

Thanks to the off-line operation, the contributors' answers are loaded into the tablet while waiting for it to be connected to transmit the results

RGPD Compliance

Respect of confidentiality by commitment, certified servers in France

Customize graphics

(wallpapers, MCQ photos, buttons, smileys, banners, logo)

Multiple levels of administration

headquarters, regional directors, agencies, etc., the associated rights can be configured

Publication of ratings on your website

Setting up a widget on your site for star ratings or comments

The different types of questionnaires

You will be able to choose between several types of rating to measure your customers' satisfaction: 

  • Star or smiley face
  • from 1 to 30+ questions
  • Conditional questions ("what did you dislike?" in a negative review)

The benefits of a customer satisfaction survey

  • Unlimited number of surveys
  • Real-time editing of questions

More about the satisfaction survey 

An intuitive management interface (back office)

  • The data is processed in real time by an artificial intelligence algorithm that produces a set of analyses
  • These analyses (where all contributions are aggregated in curves, diagrams and pie charts) can be consulted remotely
  • Remote and instantaneous change of questionnaires (daily, weekly, etc.)
  • Automatic or manual responses to contributors for better retention
  • Publication of widgets on the website and social networks via moderator
  • Export to pdf, csv or Excel of questionnaires and analyses for reporting

In addition, all data entered are transmitted on a secure server in France ( RGPD compliance)

The benefits of a satisfaction survey 

Broadcast your opinions live

The widely distributed customer satisfaction survey.

With digital signage, broadcast your reviews live so that new visitors can see the different comments.

This will allow :

  • Gain the trust of your new visitors
  • Be fully transparent about the quality of your services

Compatible sectors of activity 





Our charter of trust

We are committed to respecting contributors' personal data and ensuring that it is kept securely in accordance with the rules in force on the French hosting system. Furthermore, we commit ourselves not to sell personal data to commercial organizations.

The RGPD law

The solution's processing system is also audited by independent companies to ensure compliance with these rules and with the recommendations of the CNIL and the General Data Protection Regulation.

The AFNOR label

When a brand wishes to comply with AFNOR's advice on consumer reviews, the solution will be applied to ensure the brand's compliance before the AFNOR label is put online on the site.

Do you have a project?


What are the benefits of a satisfaction survey?

Satisfaction surveys are not only meant to reassure you. They are also used to anticipate the points of satisfaction and dissatisfaction of your customers in order to improve your service.

In short: they serve on the one hand to consolidate what works and generates satisfaction among your customers. On the other hand, they are used to remedy what creates dissatisfaction among your customers.

As you know, supply and demand evolve very quickly. This is particularly the case in the new technologies sector, but in reality it concerns all sectors or almost all. This is why it is necessary to be regularly updated on the evolutions, behaviours and consumer habits

Knowing makes it possible to predict. Satisfaction questionnaires make it possible to anticipate medium-term developments. Hence the interest, in the context of a questionnaire, of not only asking your customers if they are satisfied (or not), but also of inviting them to make proposals or remarks. Open-ended questions arevery useful for this.


You can also manage a fleet of terminals with the same satisfaction survey.

No need for a network to operate the kiosks! They will send the answers to the surveys when they get the connection. It is therefore now possible to install them in the basement or in areas where there is little or no network.

On the other hand, the following points should be taken into consideration: 

  • Analyze and better understand customer expectations
  • Boosting your e-reputation on Fan Page
  • Viralise your good reviews on the contributors' network
  • Boost your conversion rate with your recommendation widget
  • Responding to customers Strengthening relationships Catching up with customers
  • Assign and monitor corrective actions

How does it work?

The collection method determines the form of the questionnaire. The telephone interview usually lasts between 10 and 15 minutes. By appointment, in some cases, it can take up to 30 minutes.

The different parts of the questionnaire: start with the introduction, present the purpose of the survey, the reason why the opinions of the contacts were collected, the duration of the interview and the anonymity. The first question concerns the overall assessment of satisfaction. Start from this point to get a general idea. In detail, if you ask this question at the end of the interview, respondents will tend to rate their evaluation reasonably.

The writing of the questions must follow certain rules: neutral, no technical terms, direct style, no negation, short questions, easy to understand ...

Choice of question type: Attitude scales like Likert are very suitable for this type of survey (strongly agree - somewhat agree - etc.). Icon-based scales (smileys) are also interesting, especially for multi-country studies. This avoids the bias caused by issues written in different languages. Add one or two open-ended questions to get qualitative information. Be careful not to overuse these types of questions to be handled over the phone.


Collection tools are usually measured in two aspects: the importance and the awareness of each proposal. Therefore, the questionnaire will be organized accordingly.

The proposals are grouped by area for example:

- customer service: speed of response, quality of response ...

- logistics: product availability, delivery time ...