The history of Xifab

For 25 years, the 3 directors of Xifab have successfully launched and managed MCE Design, a designer of furniture and communication systems. As the market is strongly evolving towards digital and connected furniture, in 2014 they decided to launch Xifab, to facilitate the digital daily life of companies, with a team of young talents and specialized partners.

Interactive kiosks equipped with high-performance hardware and intuitive solutions for our brands are regularly created and stocked, and custom creations derived from our products or imagined by our customers are developed to meet particular specifications.

Xifab's values and commitments

The whole team is always ready to give advice and to quickly deliver the product that will enhance our customers' communication.
We have a solid network of partners for production, logistics, supply of the latest hardware and implementation of digital solutions: reception, sales, customer satisfaction, queue management, etc.

The President is very involved in voluntary actions to support businesses and trains young people in digital marketing.

A committed team to meet your needs

The founders


President of Xifab

In addition to her role as president and founder of Xifab, Sylvie Graumann is
French foreign trade advisor with 5 mandates.
Sylvie Graumann has been interested in Asian cultures for many years and speaks several languages.
Eager to share and offer her knowledge, Sylvie founded the humanitarian association "Digital collaborative Schools" which brings together what she has always been passionate about: international exchanges, digital, education and Asia.

Stéphane GESLIN

Product owner

Industrial designer, masters both IT products and digital solutions


Workshop manager

Sylvie's brother, the pro at assembling and mounting connected products.

The juniors

Julien I

Web Developer

Models products with undeniable talent

Julian II

Web Developer

Application development

Thomas YOYO

Junior Digital Manager

Inventive and very involved in the development of the company,