Secure swivel iPad holder

290,00 HT

The secure swivel stand was designed to accommodate tablets of all types from 7″ to 13″size.
The universal version does not encapsulate the tablet, it is possible to make a custom encapsulated version according to your tablet model for series of 20 or more.

These secure tablet supports have been designed to allow, for example, hotels to make a tablet available to their customers
their customers a self-service tablet, in waiting areas to promote a product catalogue or resume a campaign,
VIP lounges to enhance their service...

The tablet will be configured to secure browsing, allow only certain applications or websites and
ensure 24-hour operation by keeping the charge at maximum and disabling standby.

This option is available in our software solutions "Remote management" option

Innovative design.
Made in France.
Fixing to furniture.
Holds iPad or Android tablet under load (intensive use)

Support provided for the secure optimization of your iPad tablet

Additional information

Weight 10 kg