22-inch interactive terminal BorneX-22

1.260,00 HT


The BorneX is a high-end, large-screen kiosk.

The thick steel base ensures perfect stability of the kiosk despite the stresses of the users.

The solid materials chosen for the manufacture of this kiosk allow us to offer a 5-year warranty on the entire large screen touch terminal.

Our kiosks are made in France by Xifab 🇫🇷

Reference : BorneX-22
Net weight : 48kg
Dimensions in mm : L : 400 x D : 350 x Ht : 1200

Delivery time: 2 weeks

Delivered on a strapped pallet

Configure my terminal :

Queue management
Visitor reception management
Satisfaction survey
Media player
Secure browser ( +124,00€)
Pack ( +865,00€)
Remote management ( +118,00€)
Deselect/select option
Robust 22" touchscreen ( +367,00€)
Windows 22 " kit ( +680,00€)
22" Tablet Wifi, RJ45, 4xUSB, android 8.1 ( +630,00€)
22" Android tablet ( +€630.00)
Anti-bacterial film 15 ( +100,00€)
Thermal printer width: 53mm ( +338,00€)
Bar code & QR code reader ( +309,00€)
WITHOUT openings (hides the openings of the bollard) ( +108,00€)
Customised front panel printing WITH openings (+156,00€)
Printed top panel of Bollard X (+183,00€)
Total product
Total options


The features

- 15″ touch screen
- Thermal ticket printer
- NFC, RFID reader
- Card reader ( payment card, health card, loyalty card )
- Bar code or QRcode reader.

Immediate access for maintenance

The locked door provides access to the following components:

  • a 6-socket grounded power strip,
  • Adjustable accessory tablets,
    maintained and organized wiring.
  • Network and 220V cables from the floor or from the back. Maintenance access in a few seconds, to change the printer roll for example.

Android or Windows compatible

The 15″ version is delivered in Android however a Windows version can equip the 15″ interactive kiosk in option.

The difference:

  • Android brings simplicity and no mandatory maintenance.
  • Windows will meet the constraints sometimes imposed by the IT department.

Configurable OS on request.

Horizontal or vertical screen according to your needs

You will be able to choose to position the head of the terminal in portrait or landscape mode, depending on the configuration of the application.

The screen will always be accessible with the supplied key.

The screen is wired through an opening designed for both purposes.

You can then decide to change the orientation later (the manipulation will take 5 minutes)

Your own interactive kiosk with your brand

  • Content of the panel according to the message to be broadcast,
  • Interchangeable panel at will,
  • Printing on semi-rigid media

The panels are directly printed on a semi-rigid material to resist possible shocks and ensure a great durability of your 15″ interactive kiosk.

The X terminal in 5 points

Made in France and made to measure

White satin paint

Anti-rust paint treatment

Clean design

Arrange your screen in landscape or portrait format

Weighted steel base

Can be fixed to the ground

Space for your accessories

- Bar code reader - Ticket dispenser etc.

The characteristics


Identical key for the entire network

Multi-socket power supply with 6 sockets hidden in the support and coming out either under the base or from the back.

Compatibility with the 15″ Android tablet

Also available in Windows version

Can be fixed to the ground

Printing of the visual is optional

Optional magnetic screen printing

Accommodation for :

- ticket printer
- card reader
- 1D, 2D barcode reader


10mm steel base with anti-rust treatment and industrial paint

Treated and structured steel body (high rigidity)

Printing on rigid PVC to be placed on the façade

Magnetic screen surround printing

Steel assembly with anti-rust treatment and reinforced industrial paint


L : 400 x D : 350 x Ht : 1200

Compatible software solutions

logo satisfaction survey

Satisfaction survey


Queue management


Visitor reception management

logo navigatore sécurisé

Secure browser


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Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 120 Ă— 80 Ă— 150 cm