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Dynamic display of the queue
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Queue management kiosk

The solution allows the possibility of :

  • Take a paper or SMS ticket
  • Mailing and remote monitoring of the approach of its turn
  • Estimate the waiting time indicated to each patient or visitor.

Can be combined with the reading of a QR code positioned outside in the window to avoid the public to enter the site.

Manage the flow of visitors serenely & Reassure your customers, make their waiting easier, inform them instantly of their turn, with a simple click.

Install the premium service in your space.

Q-Lib stands in line for your customers, in one click!

The table of features

Several levels of management

Super admin, Administrator, Agent (each level scalable).

Remote appointment scheduling ( option )

Possibility to interface with Affluences, Smarttrafik, Mecaplanning.

Possibility to add sub-services

Example: Service or department, then choose name

Adding non-standard fields

Suggest additional fields for visitors to fill in

Ability to create priority lists

According to a database provided by the administrator

A modular French solution

All our solutions are modular according to your specifications and hosted on servers in France

Let them stroll through the aisles, have a coffee, they will be notified by SMS, 10 minutes before their turn.

The sophisticated management of the Q-Lib queuing software allows to anticipate the waiting time of customers or visitors.

They no longer have the feeling of waiting, the freedom they are given gives them the feeling that their well-being is taken into consideration.

At the point of sale, this optimized waiting time offers the possibility to make other purchases.

Learn more about queue management

The terminal offers the possibility to take a ticket or to be notified by SMS.

The visitor has the possibility to choose between :

  • Receive a numbered ticket
  • Be alerted by a notification

An estimate of the waiting time is given to each visitor, allowing him or her to wait calmly.

How does it work in a laboratory?

The large screen displays the following information:

  • the called visitor or his number,
  • the counter to which he must go,
  • the communication information you wish to broadcast on the right side of the screen.

In addition, one or more counters can be displayed simultaneously.
An audio broadcast can be activated to warn customers and blind people present near the screen

More about waiting room broadcasting 

The counter tablet, connected to the web, allows the agent to :

  • Go to next visitor
  • Add a comment following the appointment
  • Redirect to another counterThe tablet can easily be replaced by the agent's PC.
    The Internet connection of the PC is sufficient to display a queue management window, and the agent chooses the type of visitor corresponding to the function of his office.

A simple and complete interface

  • Which will let you know the statistics in real time
  • Manage the different windows and their authorizations
  • Improve waiting time by optimizing staffing during peak periods
  • Manage the information or advertising content displayed on the screen.

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