Satisfaction survey

the statistics provided, with the assistance of integrated artificial intelligence modules, can be consulted in real time.

Visitor reception management

The terminal welcomes visitors, allows them to choose their contact person who is instantly notified of their arrival.

Queue management

Multi-support system: registration via QR code (visitor's smartphone) or on a terminal.

Interactive media

Distribute content and make it interactive, a product catalog, price lists, demo videos, technical data sheets...

Remote control

Fleet management and management by groups of terminals or kiosks.

Digital signage solution for restaurants

Virtually no business can develop without thinking about digitalization. For physical points of sale, this can be achieved through the installation of interactive terminals. Used for several years now as advertising or payment media, these digital tools are currently reliable solutions for offering a unique customer experience. L’digital signage is one of them. Powerful and complete, it allows to reach a larger number of people.

Digital signage: what are the benefits for corporate marketing?

What is digital signage? Digital signage is a communication tool that uses one or more touch screens installed in a public space to display content in the form of videos, images, graphics, web pages, contextual information, etc. Unlike the fixed content of payment terminalsFor example, digital signage favours animated, looping messages that scroll automatically. This is why the term "dynamic" is used in conjunction with "display". Other names are used for digital signage, such as digital signage, dynamic POP, dynamic screen, etc. It can be used for entertainment, education, to encourage consumption, or to highlight a company's values.

Digital signage is mainly used in communication strategies. A number of studies have tended to confirm that this medium is more effective in capturing the attention of consumers than paper displays. The impact on sales through the implementation of a digital signage system would also be important. Companies that use it mention an increase of 3 to 5% of their figures. This is why it is mostly installed in public places. Moreover, in general, digital signage is said to attract 400% more views than a paper medium. For companies such as restaurants, digital signage allows them to modernise their marketing strategy, to have an effective communication tool, to gain visibility and to free themselves from certain costs linked to advertising.

Is digital signage useful for a fast food restaurant?

Digital signage has an advantage that traditional media such as paper do not have. It is that it is possible to change the content at any time. This can be done remotely via the internet or a local server.

Digital signage solutions offer a number of advantages for a restaurant. First of all, it is a good way of displaying menus and services to a wide audience. This can be opening hours, daily specials, etc. In addition, digital signage can also be used to support a order-taking kiosk of your restaurant's menu. In any case, it allows the customer to have a quick look at the services and dishes offered by the brand. But that's not all. This digital medium is also effective in announcing important dates such as special evenings. As an advertising tool par excellence, it can be used to highlight the restaurant's flagship products, new culinary and gastronomic suggestions, etc. Finally, some large restaurant brands may be faced with the problem of queue management. With a digital signage system, it is possible to keepthe attention of customers on entertaining content during their waiting time.

Which software for digital signage?

To be functional, digital signage requires the use of dedicated management software. There are two types: SaaS and On Premise. Directly accessible from a browser on a "Cloud" location, it does not require prior installation on a computer. On Premise software is installed on a server on the premises of the restaurant or fast-food outlet. It works in a closed circle. There is therefore no possibility of accessing the content from outside. This type of software is ideal for the design of specific content.

Xifab, which specialises in customising software applications for interactive terminals, offers a range of digital signage solutions adapted to the needs of all its customers, such as the customisable Media Player. Easy to use, this application allows you to create content in a few clicks. You don't need to be a programming specialist to design attractive animations. Xifab also offers other software solutions for interactive kiosks for restaurant owners. These include, among others, those for satisfaction surveys or for queue management.

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