Satisfaction survey

the statistics provided, with the assistance of integrated artificial intelligence modules, can be consulted in real time.

Visitor reception management

The terminal welcomes visitors, allows them to choose their contact person who is instantly notified of their arrival.

Queue management

Multi-support system: registration via QR code (visitor's smartphone) or on a terminal.

Interactive media

Distribute content and make it interactive, a product catalog, price lists, demo videos, technical data sheets...

Remote control

Fleet management and management by groups of terminals or kiosks.

All the benefits of customised customer satisfaction survey software

A satisfied customer is at least one buyer who is likely to return to your brand for further orders. Customer satisfaction is an important part of the business, as it builds customer loyalty, provides cost-effective word-of-mouth advertising and boosts profits. Do you want to identify your satisfied customers and optimise the experience of dissatisfied ones? Turn to Xifab, custom interactive kiosk manufacturerWe also offer customised customer satisfaction survey software.

Why conduct a personalised customer satisfaction survey?

The personalised customer satisfaction survey is a method of finding out whether a company's customers are satisfied with the products and services it offers. It also allows us to find out whether the actions taken by the company to improve satisfaction are really are really effective.

By carrying out a personalised customer satisfaction survey, the company will be able to obtain all the necessary data to :

analyse the needs of its customers in a precise manner: thanks to the satisfaction survey, the company lets its customers have their say. This will allow the company to gather authentic opinions from its customers, which will enable it to analyse their needs accurately.

Easily identify sources of dissatisfaction: Dissatisfied customers do not usually contact the company directly to express their disappointment. They prefer to express themselves directly online to advise potential customers against the brand. Acustomer satisfaction survey is the best way to capture these reasons for dissatisfaction. The company will be able to obtain all the elements of its products or services that are perceived as disappointing.

develop a strategy focused on meeting customers' needs: thanks to the collection of qualitative information, the company will be able to put in place concrete steps to improve their experience.

Continuously improve the products and services offered by the company: the valuable data collected through the satisfaction survey will also allow the company to know the points to be improved on its offers as well as the associated services.

Customised customer satisfaction survey software 

The way in which information is collected in a satisfaction survey can vary from company to company. While face-to-face surveys and telephone calls are an old practice known to all companies, there are nowadays smiley satisfaction terminals However, there are now a number of software packages available that integrate this specialised software and offer many advantages.

Customised satisfaction survey software is the best way to assess the level of satisfaction of your customers with the products and services you offer. It offers the company the opportunity to collect customer feedback quickly via the most relevant questionnaires.

In addition to the considerable time saving provided by the customised customer satisfaction survey software, it also offers a significant advantage in terms of price. You no longer have to recruit interviewers or pay travel or call costs. In addition, the data collected will be more reliable because, being confidential, the customers will be more sincere.

Make the best choice by choosing Xifab

Xifab is a team specialised in the creation of tactile terminalsOur kiosks are modular, customizable and scalable. As a guarantee of quality, our kiosks and digital furniture are made in France and in recyclable steel. All our creations are sold worldwide. We ship in France, but also in the Dom Tom and abroad.

Don't hesitate to contact the Xifab team to get a customised customer satisfaction survey software that perfectly fits your needs. We design a specialised software that you can implement whether you are a fast food restaurant, a shopWe design specialised software that you can implement whether you are a fast food restaurant, a small business or a large group.

By trusting Xifab, you benefit from a customer satisfaction survey software that is ergonomic and easy to set up. You can easily create customised questionnaires based on a library of questions proposed in the tool. In addition, the software collects the statistics and detailed answers from each of your customers. All you have to do is export the results of your online surveys and analyse the data in tables and graphs.

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