Satisfaction survey

the statistics provided, with the assistance of integrated artificial intelligence modules, can be consulted in real time.

Visitor reception management

The terminal welcomes visitors, allows them to choose their contact person who is instantly notified of their arrival.

Queue management

Multi-support system: registration via QR code (visitor's smartphone) or on a terminal.

Interactive media

Distribute content and make it interactive, a product catalog, price lists, demo videos, technical data sheets...

Remote control

Fleet management and management by groups of terminals or kiosks.

Where to find your corporate visitor management software

Are you an SME or a large company company and you want to optimally manage the flow of visitors to your premises? Trust Xifab. Our team offers to design a visitor management software for you. We ship in France, in the French overseas departments and territories, abroad and we accompany you everywhere in the world.

Visitor management in companies: the solution for optimal security

Visitors to a company are all persons who are not registered as employees in the company or who are not registered there on a long-term basis. The daily visitors of a company can be numerous: postman, delivery man, maintenance man, service provider, customer visiting, applicant... That is why their reception This is why their management can be a major challenge for the organisation. This can also affect the company's image and security.

There are many risks associated with poor visitor management in companies due to a lack of reception or reception by untrained staff. These risks include

  • poor transmission of information about expected visits;
  • lack of awareness of visitors to your premises;
  • security risks related to unscheduled or anonymous visits;
  • etc.

All the benefits of visitor management software in business

Improving visitor management in companies becomes essential in several circumstances:

  • when access to a defined area is limited in time and needs to be monitored;
  • where the activity of visitors during their stay on the company's site needs to be monitored;
  • where it is necessary to minimise potential damage;
  • when certain internal or legal requirements must be met.

Why opt for visitor management software rather than manual reception and lists? Quite simply because the former has many considerable advantages. Visitor management software allows the company to :

  • to benefit from more efficient visitor management on its premises;
  • to check at any time the status of all persons present on the company premises;
  • trace and evaluate the history of the data;
  • to register visitors within minutes.

Visitor management software for companies: turn to Xifab

Xifab is an experienced and dedicated team known for its expertise in the design and manufacture of touchscreen terminals as well as in the integration of technologies. In order to perfectly meet our customers' expectations, we produce our products in series in the greatest respect of the standards in force and store them in our workshops. We can thus ensure you an optimal reactivity following your order.

Trusting Xifab to design your company's visitor management software means enjoying many advantages. Indeed, we make sure to offer you a versatile software solution that guarantees you :

a modern reception that can operate either independently or in conjunction with your reception staff;

the creation of different visitor profiles. You can then implement various specific reception procedures depending on the nature of each visitor. It is, for example, possible to give a unique access code to delivery staff and offer a personalised welcome to your customers;

  • quick identification of visitors who have an appointment and recording of information on unscheduled visitors;
  • the securing of visit procedures through the signing of a digital specification by each visitor, for example ;
  • the traceability of each visit to the company's premises.

In addition, Xifab offers you a visitor management software that is both intuitive and ergonomic. The software solution can also be connected to your IT equipment such as QR code readersThe software solution can also be connected to your IT equipment such as kiosks, check-in kiosks or ID badge readers.

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