Satisfaction survey

the statistics provided, with the assistance of integrated artificial intelligence modules, can be consulted in real time.

Visitor reception management

The terminal welcomes visitors, allows them to choose their contact person who is instantly notified of their arrival.

Queue management

Multi-support system: registration via QR code (visitor's smartphone) or on a terminal.

Interactive media

Distribute content and make it interactive, a product catalog, price lists, demo videos, technical data sheets...

Remote control

Fleet management and management by groups of terminals or kiosks.

Discover our reception management software for establishments open to the public

In order to improve the quality of your company's reception, are you planning to digitalise its management? You have come to the right place with Xifab, your interactive kiosk manufacturer made to measure. Thanks to our qualified team, we have all the necessary know-how and expertise to develop software for managing your ERP reception.

Establishments open to the public: a sometimes complicated organisation

Establishments open to the public, also known as ERP, are buildings that can receive outsiders, apart from staff. The Construction and Housing Code defines them as premises to which visitors are admitted either freely or in return for a fee. This may be, for example, a theatre, a home for the elderly, a school, etc. restaurant or a school.

In an establishment open to the public, queue management and visitor reception are always complicated. It is not uncommon to see overworked secretaries, impatient customers, traffic of queuingHowever, you are well aware that the reception of visitors is one of the main criteria that make the first impression on your company's image. It is therefore essential to show each of your visitors that they are welcomed in a personalised manner and that you give them all the attention they deserve.

Why specific software for reception management in ERP?

The reception management software for establishments open to the public is a computerised tool developed to help the ERP to better manage the reception of visitors. This solution offers a number of essential functions aimed at optimising the reception of each visitor to the establishment. Moreover, its operation is simple: you just have to install the software on a kiosk, a dynamic display screen or a tactile totem that you can place at the entrance of the lobby of your establishment.

The software for managing the reception of establishments open to the public has considerable advantages. In particular, it allows you to :

  • make the reception in your ERP more dynamic: each visitor can get information independently, inform his arrival and go to his appointment.
  • optimise the functions of reception staff: thanks to the use of ERP reception management software on a touch terminal, you can provide the first level of response to your visitors in real time. The system also allows you to direct them to a specific person or department.
  • modernise the image of your company: the use of a interactive touch terminalThe use of an interactive touch terminal, necessary for the software, conveys a modern and innovative image to your establishment.
  • collect valuable real-time data about your visitors.

Benefit from the complete Xifab offer

Composed of an experienced and dedicated team, Xifab is known for its great know-how in terms of design and manufacturing of touch terminals. Our modular and customisable products are sold all over the world thanks to our good knowledge of the international market. In order to meet our customers' needs as quickly as possible, we produce our products in series and then stock them in our workshops.

Do not hesitate to contact Xifab to develop a reception management software that meets the exact needs of your establishment receiving the public. We are committed to providing our customers with a reliable solution with a guarantee of compliance in the shortest possible time. In addition, we provide a specialised team to accompany and guide you at every stage of your acquisition.

When you purchase your reception management software for establishments receiving the public from us, you benefit from a device that will allow you to :

  • modernise the reception in your establishment ;
  • to improve the flow of traffic in your reception area: the software allows you to limit the waiting time for each of your visitors;
  • make it easier for your visitors to make appointments thanks to a personalised calendar;
  • make it easier for visitors to find out about the offers and services available in your establishment;
  • conduct a satisfaction surveywith your visitors;

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