Satisfaction survey

the statistics provided, with the assistance of integrated artificial intelligence modules, can be consulted in real time.

Visitor reception management

The terminal welcomes visitors, allows them to choose their contact person who is instantly notified of their arrival.

Queue management

Multi-support system: registration via QR code (visitor's smartphone) or on a terminal.

Interactive media

Distribute content and make it interactive, a product catalog, price lists, demo videos, technical data sheets...

Remote control

Fleet management and management by groups of terminals or kiosks.

Create your own multi-screen digital signage software

Do you want to modernise your company's internal or external communication? Don't hesitate to choose a digital signage solution specially adapted to your needs. For this, trust a team of experts in the field such as Xifab. Our expertise and know-how in the field allow us to provide you with the digital signage software solution you need for a multi-screen tactile message broadcast. Here is more information on the subject.

Digital signage software: what is it?

Nowadays, more and more companies are opting for digital signage in order to promote their activity, their brand or simply to communicate with their customers. Digital signage, also known as digital display, is a communication channel that consists in broadcasting your content or messages on display screens.

Generally, this type of broadcasting is carried out in public places such as hotels, shops, shopping centres, points of sale, or private places such as a meeting room, a restaurant or a restaurant, restaurantsshopping centres, points of sale, or private places such as a meeting room, a waiting roomsetc. The content of the display can be in the form of digital images, web pages, restaurant menus, timetables or simply text. The aim is to provide consumers or employees of a company with additional information about the company.

Digital signage software is the interface used to control the displays on a fleet of screens. It is a CMS or Content Management System accessible from a computer or a Smartphone. Thanks to this tool, you can easily create and administer the content to be displayed. The digital signage software also allows you to manage the screens on a centralized tool.

Digital signage software for multi-screen touchscreens: what features can you expect?

To ensure the success of your digital communication project, it is essential that your digital signage software is able to meet your marketing objectives. A multi-screen touchscreen software solution is the best option if you have a fleet of several screens. digital signage screens. It allows the issuing company to interact with customers through multimedia content that can be triggered by users.

Digital signage software for multi-touch displays can have different functionalities. These include :

  • multi-screen splitting: this feature is essential if you want to create unique content on each of your interactive screens ;
  • multi-user or multi-account functionality;
  • Accepted file formats: a feature to be taken into account depending on the type of content that will be displayed on your touch screens (photos, videos, text, sounds...);
  • creation of content, visuals or playlists;

Digital signage software: why trust Xifab?

Do you want to set up innovative means of communication within your company? Don't hesitate to opt for a multi-screen tactile digital signage system. To do so, do not hesitate to contact Xifab. We design for you a digital signage software that meets your exact needs.

Xifab is an experienced team in the creation of registered designs of interactivekiosks or digital furniture in recyclable steel. We manufacture our products in series and stock them in our workshops to ensure a high level of reactivity as soon as you place your order. Moreover, all the products designed by our team are upgradeable.

Why trust Xifab to design your digital signage software ? Simply because we are committed to providing you with a solution that meets your expectations. All our products are designed in compliance with a permanent and strict quality charter. Moreover, when you order from Xifab, you can be sure that you will receive a product made in France.

The expertise of our team is also a good reason to entrust the realization of your digital signage software to Xifab. We work with a team of recognised designers to offer you a complete and reliable digital signage solution. Moreover, we accompany and guide you throughout your communication project to orient you on the best solution. As a result, you get an intuitive and ergonomic software that adapts perfectly to the expectations of your customers or employees.

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