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Interactive digital signage rental: an excellent alternative

Today, the use ofdigital signage as a means of communication within companies is becoming more and more widespread. And for good reason, this technology makes it possible to share information, communicate and alert an audience in a fast, innovative and inexpensive way. Do you want to optimise information sharing within your organisation? Xifab offers you the rental of an interactive digital signage screen.

Digital signage on interactive screens in your company?

Digital signage is designed to allow the broadcasting of multimedia content such as slides, videos or alerts. It can be used for information or promotional purposes in public or private places. You can, in fact, find it in train stations, public transport, the business reception areas or any other place. establishments receiving the public.

The interactive digital signage screen goes far beyond previous innovations in terms of communication and technology. The result of a combination of several innovations, this tool is a kind of touch-sensitive tablet with dimensions identical to those of a television screen. It allows the company to distribute all kinds of information to its employees or potential customers. Then, thanks to the touch screen, the user can interact with the device and access exactly the content he or she wants to see.

Using digital signage on interactive screens: your advantages

Today, the interactive digital signage screen is becoming increasingly popular and is used in many areas (points of sale, catering, etc.).administrationetc.). This is not surprising with the countless advantages that this tool offers. Indeed, digital signage on interactive screens allows :

  • modern and attractive display: messages displayed on interactive digital signage screens are more attractive and are better assimilated by the targets. In addition, this tool allows you to gain significantly in speed and productivity.
  • simplified updating of your data: simply integrate the changes into your software and distribute them. interactive terminaland distribute them. You can, for example, update your prices or promotions as soon as you wish.
  • to facilitate internal communication within a company: the interactive digital signage screen can also be used to facilitate collaborative work and internal communication within a company. For example, it can be used to disseminate internal regulations or new company products, to train staff, etc.

Interactive digital signage screen rental: choose Xifab

Xifab is a specialist in the manufacture of touchscreen kiosks and digital furniture located in France. Experienced, fast and invested in customer relations, our team produces high quality devices for you. Indeed, we respect strict quality charters and submit our products to permanent controls to be sure to provide you with reliable and efficient computer terminals. Moreover, our creations are sold and recognized all over the world.

At Xifab, we design our standard products in series and stock them in our workshops in order to ensure optimal reactivity following your order. We also give you the possibility to get your custom-made products digital signage screen We also give you the possibility to get your custom-made products from us as soon as possible. In order to meet all your needs, we do not impose a minimum number of orders. We also ship your purchases in France, in the Dom-Tom and abroad.

Are you thinking of renting an interactive digital signage screen? Xifab also offers this service. We offer a wide range of devices so that you can find the one that meets your exact requirements. Our 75" interactive screens for digital signage solutions are designed to be simple and intuitive to use. They are modular and customisable and can be adapted to all uses and different sectors of activity.