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Rent a digital signage screen for your shop window

The shop window is the first thing that passers-by see of a shop or business. This is why it must be highlighted and attract the eye to invite the potential customer to enter the shop. point of sale. You are a shop manager and you want to stand out from your competitors? Renting a digital signage screen is the solution.

An attractive and visible shop window at first glance

The shop window is undoubtedly the most important element of a business. It makes the first impression on potential customers and reflects the image of your outlet. The reason why it must be particularly well designed is that it is part of a real marketing strategy. An attractive shop window makes passers-by and motorists want to pass through the shop door and continue the sales process.

A shop window should not only showcase the products offered in your outlet, but also tell a story and reflect your identity. Your products should be displayed in a neat and logical way. It is also important to choose the right colours and lighting for your shop window. This will create a beautiful harmony and thus suggest a desire to buy to the consumer.

Why rent a digital signage screen for a shop window

Neat, colourful, organised... the main purpose of the window display dynamic display is designed to attract passers-by and invite them to enter the shop. It is an innovative communication tool designed to allow the diffusion of several informative and advertising contents. This device can be used to equip the interior of professional spaces in various sectors such as banks, real estate agencies, restaurants, ready-to-wear shops, etc.

Why set up a dynamic display screen for a shop window? Quite simply to attract more attention from passers-by. Indeed, the animation, the brightness and the colours on this type of digital furniture capture the eyes more easily and immediately attract attention. In addition, the digital signage screen for shop windows has many advantages. Indeed :

  • This device is flexible: the main advantage of the digital signage screen for shop windows is that it offers high luminosity. In this way, its photo and video content remains visible regardless of its exposure to the sun or its viewing angle.
  • The window display is also less restrictive: this device is both aesthetically pleasing and robust. Its installation is simple and it is not subject to the same regulatory constraints as outdoor posters.

Choose Xifab for the rental of a digital signage screen for shop windows

Efficient and reliable digital signage displays are Xifab's speciality. We are an experienced and competent team known for the manufacture of interactive kiosks and digital furniture, based in France. However, we collaborate with a network of like-minded developer partners abroad to design multilingual applications.

Discover in our catalogue a wide range of digital signage screens to transform your storefront into a real information space. Our quality products can be adjusted to the sunlight and light conditions. You can thus deliver your photo and video messages at any time.

Our devices are designed to provide you with numerous benefits such as a modernised brand image, improved visibility and an invitation to visit your point of sale. In addition, our digital signage displays for shop windows offer an exceptional image quality, allowing you to broadcast your content in a powerful way.

Don't hesitate, contact us to select the perfect digital signage screen for your shop window. By trusting our team, you benefit from high quality devices, made in France. We offer you our support at every stage of your acquisition. Moreover, our team remains at your disposal to offer you an involved and helpful after-sales service in constant liaison with the designers and manufacturers.

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