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Interactive terminal rental prices

They can be found everywhere. Interactive and tactile kiosks are increasingly being used to digitalise shops and business premises. And for good reason, it is now possible to easily find what you need, whether for sale or rent. For the less informed, the interactive kiosk is a computer interface with a touch screen whose main use is to provide information to users. Users can use it to access certain information, or services such as payment, internet connection or placing orders. In any case, the choosing a touch terminal In any case, the design of the touchscreen must always be in line with the needs and nature of the services offered by the company.

Interactive kiosk: what are the advantages?

Whether at trade fairs, shops or banks, among others, the interactive terminals are used as the main communication media. Signs of modernity and digitalization of marketing, they are increasingly easy to understand and offer a whole range of possibilities of use.

The reason why paper or physical communication is losing ground to touchscreen terminals is that the latter offer a number of advantages. The first is the type of content they display. They are dynamic, unlike physical advertising. In any case, this offers the company the opportunity to guarantee the best experience for its customers. With a tactile totemFor example, it is possible for customers to find out about a company's services and to access certain basic services.

Interactive kiosks are also accessible to all users. They are much easier to use than smartphones. With just a few "touches" on thetouch screen, a customer can, for example, order a meal, ordering food in a restaurant digitally. This medium can also be used for cash management with a touch terminal equipped with a payment card reader.

But one of the most notable advantages that touch-screen and interactive kiosks offer users is the time they save. Whether it is for information about a shop's services or for payment, there is no longer any need to wait.

Which interactive terminal to choose?

An interactive kiosk can be used outside or inside a shop, a bank or any branch. However, it is important to choose the right type of touch screen to fit the environment and the business strategy. For this, you can ask our Xifab team to guide you towards the products most likely to meet your needs.

For an indoor digital transformation through touch terminals or tables, the choice is wide. It all depends on the level of traffic at the point of sale. If it is high, interactive desks and tactile video totems , coupled with a digital signage system, are the best way to highlight a company's products and services. However, interactive desks are best used in busy, open areas. The interactive kiosk can also be converted into a touchscreen display. It is a medium that allows customers to have a complete view of a shop's products in a few operations, without having to enter the reception area.

Digital signage is still used outdoors. One of the main advantages of this type of interactive terminal is its ease of deployment. Nevertheless, installing interactive terminals outdoors is quite difficult, as certain constraints must be taken into account. Indeed, some models of touch screen may not be able to withstand weather conditions or dust deposits.

Interactive kiosk rental with Xifab

If you have the idea to start the digital transformation of your company by using interactive kiosks, entrust your project to professionals. At Xifab, we are able to indicate the most appropriate digital signage solution the most appropriate one. Moreover, our kiosks are available for sale or rent. You can contact us directly to determine the price of your touchscreen kiosks.

Our rental offer concerns a wide range of kiosks with or without software application. It is up to you. Nevertheless, we offer you the possibility to customise your interactive devices or, on the contrary, to give you the choice to print the visuals yourself. At Xifab, we plan to include the delivery and collection of the materials in the rental price. We offer a simplified formula for renting touchscreen kiosks. You can, for example, rent the kiosk alone without its tablet or, on the contrary, include its screen, the software solution and the visuals.