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Fastfood security kiosk rental: all the advantages

You manage a fast food restaurant and you would like to find innovative solutions to make your restaurant spaces more dynamic? catering ? Opt for the rental of a secure ordering kiosk at Xifab. As a specialist in digital kiosks and furniture, we offer a wide range of reliable and efficient solutions that will meet your needs. Don't hesitate to contact our company to equip yourself as soon as possible.

Fastfood secure ordering station: what features?

The ordering terminal is an interactive multimedia platform where users are invited to consult the menu offered in a fast food restaurant and place their order. It has several functionalities:

Order management :

This infrastructure is designed to make it easier for your customers to place their orders independently. During this time, staff can focus on advising customers, preparing the order, handing it over to the consumer... As a result, your fast food restaurant becomes more efficient and the quality of service is improved.

The proposal of a product complementary to the order

In addition to order management, the secure order terminal can be set up to offer additional products to increase the average basket. It can, for example, offer a dessert in addition to the menu or a pastry with a hot drink. The aim is to maximise sales in your fast food restaurant.

Sending the order form to the kitchen

This feature of the fast food kiosk considerably reduces the waiting time of customers. It also ensures a smoother order picking process.

Broadcasting of advertising messages

The interactive ordering terminal for fast food can also be used to broadcast broadcast advertising, announcements, promotions or specific events. It will bring a modern touch to your fast food chain and promote sales.

Why install a secure ordering station in a fast-food restaurant?

If the secure ordering terminal is increasingly adopted in fast food restaurants, it is because this device offers many advantages to the user. It allows the user to :

  • optimise fast food productivity: thanks to better order management, staff can concentrate on the most complex tasks. This will optimise productivity in your fast food restaurant.
  • reduce customer waiting time: the use of a secure order terminal allows more staff to be assigned to preparing and then delivering orders to customers. This will limit the time spent at the counter of your fast food restaurant. queues at the counter of your fast food restaurant.
  • reduce possible errors by staff when taking orders: fatigue, haste, pressure from other customers... many factors can lead to staff errors. These errors can occur during order taking, cashiering or order preparation. The fast-food order terminal has the advantage that you can avoid these problems.
  • Maximise sales in your fast food restaurant: as well as collecting data, the secure ordering kiosks can be used to maximise your turnover. It is, for example, possible to use specific software that will allow your device to provide additional suggestions, personalised offers or to broadcast advertising messages...

Where can I find a restaurant touch control unit for hire?

Xifab is a company specialised in the manufacture of interactive kiosks touchscreens. Thanks to our experienced and competent team, we provide innovative digital solutions for a better customer experience in the restaurant industry. In order to satisfy all needs, we offer modular and customisable kiosks that can be adapted to many sectors.

Are you looking to renting a kiosk for your fast food restaurant? Xifab is the brand you need. Our products are designed to allow your customers to take an immediate order and enjoy an original experience thanks to an ergonomic interactive kiosk.

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