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Rental of a touch-sensitive reception desk for a bank

Online banks, neo-banks, etc., traditional banking institutions are being severely challenged by new forms of online financial businesses. Faced with this situation, they have to reinvent themselves by putting forward digitalisation as a solution. Next to the traditional websites and various applications, touch-screen terminals are good supports for the digitisation of the reception and to guarantee the best customer experience.Digital signage appears to be an essential digital support for digitisation. But it is not the only one. The various satisfaction measurement terminalsThe different types of information systems, payment systems, etc., also complement it.

Why use the touch terminal in a bank branch?

Touch-screen kiosks can be found in most public spaces, with banks probably being the biggest consumers. However, some types oftouchscreens are used more in some places than in others, such as digital signage as a shop windowThis is the case for example with the touchscreen, which is more used in shops. This is also the case for touch totems in restaurants and supermarkets.

Digital signage is the preferred medium for digital advertising. It allows short, targeted and attractive advertisements to be displayed. For banks, this type of communication medium is easy to set up, being compatible with all types of screens. Indeed, digital signage can be deployed using both the interactive terminal and simple interactive LED TV screens. Moreover, the management of its content through software is quite easy to master. Digital signage is almost unavoidable in the premises of a bank. It can, for example, be used in the context of the deployment of an interactive shop window that helps customers to find out about the various services of the establishment.

For a bank, the quality of the customer relationship is a guarantee of growth. One of the greatest assets of a touch terminal is its capacity to improve the brand image. Indeed, customers are currently more sensitive to the modern side of their bank through successful digital communication. Finally, it should be noted that touch technology can greatly improve the management of the reception of the public in a branch, in particular by optimising the waiting time of customers.

Which touchscreen solution for a bank?

The concept of "gamification" can be adopted in a bank by using kiosks connected to the internet. The principle is quite simple. It consists of inserting the world of games into the bank's premises by involving the customers. To do this, a system of cameras and touch-sensitive terminals detects their arrival, which triggers a series of animations on tactile supports. While this product is quite innovative, it is mainly used by shops and outlets rather than banks.

In general, financial institutions prefer to keep it simple by adopting only touch-sensitive terminals for payment and to queue management. It must be said that this is the main problem banks have to deal with. For this purpose, the customer can avoid having to go to a receptionist by simply registering on a touch terminal which gives him a queue ticket. The touch terminal also allows them to tell their advisor directly that they have arrived. Other types of kiosks can handle some simple operations such as consulting accounts, among others. Although this is a fairly minimalist solution, the deployment of touch screens for basic services can already improve the level of service quality of the establishment to its customers.

Your touch-sensitive bank kiosks at Xifab

Xifab offers a wide range of touchscreen terminals for banks. Our products, manufactured exclusively in France, are specially designed to be adapted to the expectations of banks and their respective customers. The OhPad kiosk is arranged in a "standing" structure to be easily grasped by users. All our products are available for sale or rent.

Our a company that manufactures touchscreen kiosks offers you tailor-made products, manufactured according to your wishes and colours. Security is our first credo for our bank terminals. Therefore, it is completely impossible for malicious users to control them in any way. Moreover, the On/Off buttons are concealed, as are the two network access locks. If you are looking for a kiosk with a sleek design and manufactured according to REACH environmental standards, consider Xifab.