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Manufacturer of customised interactive kiosks for businesses

In France, the interactive terminal has made its entry into the field of public transport. This innovative communication tool was an immediate success thanks to its fluidity, speed and efficiency. Its use has spread very quickly to several other professional fields. Are you planning to adopt this digital terminal in your company? You have come to the right place. Xifab, your custom-made interactive terminal manufacturer, offers you solutions that meet your exact needs.

The interactive terminal: a more dynamic image of the company

Customer experience has become a major issue for companies today. companies. It is a question of showing its ability to adapt to changes in order tooffer a pleasant visit or shopping experience. Today, in the age of smartphones and touch tablets, it is the use of digital devices that is of increasing interest to consumers and business customers.

The interactive terminal is an innovative communication tool that perfectly meets the needs of the company. Through its touch screen, it allows you to provide your customers or prospects with information on your company's activities, products or services. This information is broadcasted with videos, sound comments, photos, music or others to allow a more dynamic and interactive communication.

A must in many sectors of activity

Nowadays, interactive terminals are increasingly versatile and modular, and can be found in several fields of activity.

Interactive kiosks in the retail sector: this device is a fun and efficient way for consumers to shop without the hassle of long queues. queues. It can even act as a customer advisor.

Interactive kiosks in the administrative sector: the installation of a digital kiosk in a town hall, prefecture, consulate, etc. reduces citizens' frustration with administrative processes. Visitors will be able to find their way around, consult services or make appointments more easily. Very often multilingual, this tool also avoids difficulties for foreigners to interact with the administration.administration.

Interactive terminals in the health sector: in this field, patient satisfaction is based on the quality of communication, which would be greatly facilitated by the integration of an interactive terminal. The latter can be used to take over some basic functions of an overloaded health staff such ashomeThe interactive kiosk can be used to handle some of the basic functions of an overworked health care worker, such as booking an appointment, registering new patients, signing documents, etc.

Customised interactive kiosk for companies: which manufacturer to contact?

Xifab is a manufacturer of interactive kiosks with an experienced, fast-paced and customer-focused team. We specialise in the design of registered models of kiosks or digital furniture in recyclable steel. Our products are made in the greatest respect of the manufacturing standards in force and under very strict permanent controls, guaranteeing their high quality.

In order to respond to our customers' needs as quickly as possible, we manufacture kiosks and tactile totem and standards in series and stock them in our workshops. You can also order on Xifab custom-made interactive terminals for your company. Our customised kiosks are designed for companies and businesses in all sectors of activity. There is no minimum order required. Moreover, we deliver throughout France, but also in the French overseas departments and territories and even abroad. We also offer a committed and helpful after-sales service in constant liaison with designers and manufacturers.

To meet all needs, we offer kiosks in different sizes: from 10 to 22 inches. Xifab also offers various applications such as a software satisfaction surveysoftware, reception management software or logistics fleet management software for a complete, ready-to-use solution.