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Everything you need to know about the digital customer reception desk for shopping centres

Today, the line between e-commerce and traditional trade is gradually disappearing. Digitalisation in points of sale and shopping centres is becoming more and more common. Are you in charge of a shopping centre and do you want to adapt to the ever-increasing demands of increasingly connected consumers? Xifab offers the digital customer reception desk for shopping centres.

Shopping centre: customer reception will make all the difference

Once a potential customer steps into your lobbyyou only have a few seconds to convince them and start a customer relationship. To maximise your chances, it is important to focus on the quality of your reception. This is a source of customer satisfaction and loyalty. However, if poorly managed, it can also tarnish the company's image and prevent its development.

Optimising customer service is therefore a strategic priority for any company that wants to stand out from its competitors and boost its turnover. This exercise involves improving a number of points such as :

  • make iteasier for visitors to find their way around: today's shopping centres are so large that it is becoming increasingly difficult for visitors to find their way around;
  • guide visitors to the shops of their choice;
  • facilitate information on availableproducts and services;
  • highlighting events or special offers available in the shopping centre;
  • to give the shopping centre an innovative and dynamic image.

The digital customer reception desk: the new revolution in shopping centres

Digital kiosks are becoming increasingly popular and can be found almost everywhere: in restaurants, shopping centres, game rooms, hotels, etc. restaurantsshopping centres, amusement arcades, hotels, etc. They are even becoming a consumer habit. These digital signage solutions have many considerable advantages. In particular, they allow :

  • to capture the attention of visitors
  • Manufacturers are constantly innovating in terms of the design of interactive kiosks to attract the attention of visitors. The latter will then want to see more and continue the experience.
  • improve the customer experience

The use of a digital kiosk will be a first success for the customer. Indeed, thanks to this dynamic display solution, the visitor will be able to find more easily the shop he is looking for, but also to find all the information on the products and services offered.

Benefit from all the advantages of a Xifab digital kiosk

Trust Xifab to provide you with a digital kiosk for your shopping centre. We are an experienced team known for manufacturing modular and customisable interactive kiosks to perfectly meet your needs. Our products are scalable, giving rise to custom creations for small and large series.

At Xifab, we are committed to providing you with your terminals and tactile totems in the shortest possible time. This is why we manufacture our products in series and stock them in our workshops. Our team, specialised in the integration of high-tech components, will accompany and guide you at every stage of your acquisition. In addition, we offer you a committed and helpful after-sales service in constant liaison with designers and manufacturers.

In order to modernise the reception in shopping centres and transform the visitor experience, Xifab offers a rich catalogue of touchscreen kiosks. We have many types of interactive kiosks capable of hosting software solutions developed to meet all needs. In addition to being easy to use and accessible to all, these devices offer several advantages such as :

  • arouse the interest of visitors and potential customers;
  • to provide the customer with all the information they need to make their purchases at their fingertips;
  • allow the customer to pre-order to avoid long queues and reduce pressure on shop staff;
  • show customers the features and benefits of a particular product, show customer reviews or a video of the product in action...

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