How does it work?

Configure your fleet

Thanks to the geolocation system, choose the terminal you want to configure!
Assign specific tasks to the kiosk fleet,
such as management by unit or by fleet in a single action.

Manage your terminals remotely

  • The commissioning of the terminal
  • Activation of authorized business software
  • Administration and modification
  • Managing your content
  • Geolocation of your terminal
  • Remote reboot in case of bug or other.
  • Remote blocking and tracking in case of theft

Advantages: All changes can be made from your interface.

The most simplified interface on the market

Once the terminal is plugged in and turned on.

All you have to do is choose the application you want to launch on the terminal.

And that's it!

Xifab carries out the complete configuration and accompanies you in the implementation of your fleets.

In addition, the presentation of your interface will be customized according to your graphic charter.

Software solutions that complement remote management

logo satisfaction survey

Satisfaction survey

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Visitor reception management

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logo media player

Interactive media

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Queue management

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Is the access secure?

We know that secure access to the online fleet management platform around the clock is essential for you. It is one of the key requirements for normal long-distance work. Therefore, all employees must have a unique ID for each connected terminal in the fleet.

What is the purpose of geolocation?

Thanks to the geolocation system Choose the terminal you want to configure! Associate specific tasks to the fleet of terminals, manage by unit or by fleet in a single action.