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What is an interactive terminal?

How to choose a digital terminal?

An interactive kiosk is a robust medium that allows intuitive navigation through information and services. It can be a multimedia support, a communication tool or a real assistant for a company or a shop.

The digital terminal can be used as a real management tool when combined with a software solution that is customised and adapted to the need.

The various interactive kiosks consist of a touch screen which is the centrepiece. The screen will allow you to display information, collect customer reviews, manage a queue and much more...

Thus, visitors use this screen to navigate and access information as quickly as possible and independently.

The digital terminal can be connected to the Internet via Wifi or 4G, depending on the configuration of each establishment.

When choosing your bollard, several criteria should be taken into account.

For example, if you wish to integrate components on your kiosk such as: a thermal printer, a barcode reader, a TPE, then you will have to choose the body of your kiosk carefully so that it can integrate your components.

The use is essential in choosing the ideal kiosk. Indeed, when you need to be seen from a distance, during a trade fair or an event, it is preferable to choose an interactive totem with a vertical position.

However, in the context of long input (e.g. email addresses, satisfaction survey forms), it is preferable to use a horizontal interactive kiosk format.

Our selection of interactive kiosks

The advantages of an interactive terminal :

We have several models of interactive kiosk:

The acquisition of an interactive kiosk has significant advantages.

  • A good communication tool that captures the attention of your visitors: The interactive terminal attracts the eye of customers thanks to the information displayed but also by the attractive originality of its design. Moreover, its interactivity forces the customer to stop and continue his visit independently.
  • The interactive kiosk provides a better customer experience: The interactive kiosk allows you to create an interaction with your customers. Indeed, digital kiosks can display messages, information to your customers but they can also accompany your customers. Example: In a shop, the kiosk can display promotions on your favorite products, manage the queue of a health establishment or ask for the opinion of the customers to improve the quality of a service
  • Increase your average basket and make more sales thanks to the interactive terminal
  • Communicate with your customers in real time
  • The interactive terminal supports you so that you can concentrate on your core business.

How does an interactive terminal work?

For which sector of activity?

The operation of a kiosk is very simple, you just need to know what you want to do with it.

Example: If you want to know the opinion of your customers, you just have to mention your need, so that the Xifab team can integrate the solution for you.

What's more, all our kiosks come ready to plug in, which means you just plug it in to display the content you need.

Our kiosks are equipped with an intelligent mini computer that hosts a functional application dedicated to your use.

To put it simply:

Step 1- Connect the terminal

Step 2 - Connect the terminal to the internet

Step 3 - It's ready! 😁

The interactive kiosk can be an essential element for the following sectors of activity:


  • The health sector
  • The public sector
  • The transport sector

And many other sectors of activity